Friday, March 9, 2012

Picha Picha

So here are some random pictures that I've taken over the course of my week here in Japan. Enjoy!

This is what we have for lunch, usually. This one was pretty good: there was fried chicken. But, there was also a tiny fish chillin in the vegetables. I passed on the fish. 

Here's the view from our hotel in Kumano. Were up in the mountains and it is absolutely gorgeous. Like Lake Tahoe but way better. 

They have little vending machines EVERYWHERE. My coffee addiction is kept alive and well. BOSS is the brand of coffee and I laugh every time I purchase a Boss Coffee. Tell me you can't imagine a Japanese commercial for this.....

This is Kumano Stadium. Apparently our league games draw an average of about 2500 people. The stadium definitely was large enough. USA needs to step their game up. 
Oh and they had the weirdest lights. They looked like fans. 

I made it in just in time for Cherry Blossom season! I love love love these trees. So pretty! 

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  1. Love the pics. I was there for cherry blossom season two years ago and I will never forget it. Every stage is amazing.